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This service includes Mentoring Startups To Incorporating Startups as Legal Entities along with abiding with applicable Statutory Compliance | Startup Feasibility Reports | Startup Business Model & Plans | Trademark & Other Similar Registration Services | Corporate Online Reputation Management | Digital Marketing / Branding Consultancy

Startup Fundraising Catalyst | Merger & Acquisition Consultancy | Startup Valuations | Startup Planning & Projections

This Service includes Investment Pitch Deck ,Term Sheet Negotiations ,Startup & Promoter Profiling, Due Diligence, Competitor Analysis & Industry Outlook Reports, Business Intelligence Reports, Startup Plans , Scouting For M&A , Deal Negotiations , Information Memorandum & more

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Learning must never Stop & this applies equally to Startups. No matter how well your Startup is performing, it is inevitable to have a guide as a mentor to provide your startup the fuel it needs to attain new goals. Finding the Right one is although a different challenge.

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Every Startup / New business venture may come up with a daunting task to hunt for Funds. We always see that there are some Unicorns / high-profile startups who secure heavy initial funding through some angel investment , by heavy we mean it's in the millions. So you may wonder when shall my Startup be one amongst them ?

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We Entrepreneurs travel only when its a Business Travel, cause we tend to believe that Travelling otherwise isn't a good thought. But the fact is, that isn't the case overall. In fact, travelling can take your Startup to the next level which you may have never imagined from sitting at one place throughout your life.

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Not Everything that is said & written about successful Entrepreneurs may be as easy as published. Rather nothing is easy. It's made Easy after lots of Focus. You need to know that Hustle , Patience & Failures are true friends for Entrepreneurs in the process of reaching their Startup goals.

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We all know that raising funds is not a one day game. It is neither easy to raise funds, but it's neither that difficult either. Pitching process , in fact from the concept stage of your Startup.

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Your Startup Product is the one , that's gonna change the game for ever, you are pretty sure about it . Investors are gonna jump in your Startup, your customers are in front of you, waiting for that big launch, the buzz is in the air .

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We generally come across situations that even after working for days and months with Venture Capitalists, we reach no conclusions & come back to square one . Hence it is important to make informed choices before pitching your business to VC's & other Investors.

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Be it a day or night, You -as a Startup Entrepreneur make sure that your business runs smoothly & efficiently , even if you have to work for more than 60 -70 hours per week . But we forget one basic thing, we are humans too & cannot escape the feeling of total fatigue, both mental and physical.

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You may have a Strong Business Idea, with high confidence & motivation levels at its best, but you may be surrounded by multiple challenges [ external & internal ] & doubts , like can i do this ? what if i face a Cash Crunch ? Will i fail or what in my venture ?

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Entrepreneurship life is all about striking a a work-life balance , dealing with stress & keeping your cool when things don't work as per your plans. We don't get weekends, we don't take care of ourselves in the process of attaining our goals and often we end up in phases of depression.

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Digital marketing Experts nowadays sort to webinars as they are one of the most powerful tool for lead generation . But the lead-up process to a webinar is not a child's play . It requires everything from getting a speaker to join the webinar, to plan blogging, generate social media posts for its promotions & to prepare the actual agenda well before the Webinar.

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Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. If you are not one of those ‘wannabe’ entrepreneurs, you must have understood what I mean. As the perception goes, entrepreneurship is about luxury and comfort living and that’s definitely not the case. If you are an entrepreneur, here are 100 reasons to hold your head high and keep adding value to the society, the most important reason you are called an ‘entrepreneur’!

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Here you can find a great community for Sharing Your Startup Services , Products , New Ideas, Problems you may face in your Startup Journey, Your Entrepreneurial Life Hustle and much more related topics.

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We Get Connected

We Connect With You & Your Startup To Work On : Your Idea - Your Core Idea - The Framework - The Business Model - Your People - Your Team -The Culture -The Initial Spark - The Potentials - The Scalability

Apr 01, 2019

We Assist You To Form Your Team

Along with Getting a cool office space, we assist you to find the talent & intellectual asset for your Startup .

Apr 10, 2019

We Assist You To Get Your Office Address

Get A Cool Workplace or an Office for your Startup .

Apr 20, 2019

We Form Your Entity

After receiving ,checking & verifying necessary ,proper & valid documentation, we get your Startup registered as a Legal Entity, be it a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm ,Limited Liability Partnership [ LLP ] ,Private Limited Company ,One Person Company [ OPC ] or any other recognized form of entity.

Apr 30, 2019

We Work on your Social Media Strategies

Once Your Startup gets registered as a Legal Entity, we form & implement your Social Media Strategies w.r.t social media platforms & content management.

May 10, 2019

Other Strategies Continue

We Work along your Startup for next 2 months from the date of incorporating it as a legal entity. The Agenda for post-incorporation is to focus on framing & implementing strategies w.r.t. Your Startup Products/ Services, Finance , Digital Marketing , Other issues & matters which your Startup may face for its Overall Growth & Scalability.

May 10, 2019

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