Benefits of Travelling For Startup Entrepreneurs

25 Jun

Entrepreneurs are human beings too. Even Zombies Travel , then why not them. Movement is required in life. Explore your boundaries , not just strategic movement is what we would be discussing here. We have unlisted here some benefits of why Startup Entrepreneurs must  dis-engage from their routine , unplug from the devices and travel as much as possible. 

You Benefit By Meeting More People :
Once you move out of your workplace n start travelling , needless to say , you'll come across people. either by compulsion or by need or merely by chance. And not to forget the benefit of Social Media, you can have your own community of people across the globe even before you meet them in person.These virtual connects , besides the new people you come across while travelling can turn into important business connects in future.
You Come across new Opportunities : 
It may be possible that what you have as a product of your Startup may have demand at the place you accidentally travel. Your ignorance about the demand can turn out to be a business opportunity for your Startup. You may also come across new concepts , new ways of doing the same thing which you do it at your end & new markets.   

You Break out from your Comfort Zone: 
Getting out of your routine work may not be advocated by some Entrepreneurs, but if done so, you may altogether get into a different world, a world which you may never have thought of. You get hit by new cultures , new languages and new likes & dislikes . There is this zone beyond your comfort zone. This adversity , which you may come across while travelling, can reap benefits for your Startup down the line .

You Collab with Your Team in a new way : 
Travelling in no way means, you are not going to keep your eyes on the regular business updates from your team. In fact , you shall sort to new & unique tools which you have never explored before, so shall your team , in coordinating with you about happenings back at office in your physical absence. As Google’s affordable business solution for teams, G-suite encompasses everything from collaboration through Google Chat and Hangouts to production via Google Docs and cloud storage. Just to name a few other ones , Google Drive, Hangouts, Skype, DropBox, Evernote, MailChimp and Twitter are productivity enhancers as far as communication with your team matters. 

Your Team gains your Trust : 
It's rightly said that Absence creates Value, and this is cent percent true when you are out of your office for a longer period of time. Since you shall delegate responsibilities to your team , which you won't have ever thought of in case of your physical presence at the office, you'll gain a sense of trust among your team members & boost their level of confidence to chase a common goal for your startup.

You are Recharged when you rejoin : 
It is very much possible that you may have been a victim of routine & typical work style at your office. In such cases , a break , a travel is much called for. It not only re-energizes you to do better, but also adds to your creative levels. You see same things, same problems in a different perspective. In fact, you have some new stories to share with your team when you rejoin. Sharing experiences helps to boost your team morale & confidence in you as a Team leader.  You share new connects with your team members, the ones who you met during your travel, new avenues & opportunities which may potentially bud up at a later stage. 

Hence its not wrong to say that Travel can take you to new horizons you may have never thought of . In case you have similar experiences kindly comment below / email us at : . You can also CONNECT WITH US .

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