How to Deal With Criticism as an Entrepreneur

25 Mar

Everybody may not like You / Your Startup Business, be it in real world or in this virtual world of social media. As an entrepreneur we may face certain Haters & Critics who may try to pull your repute down on the ladder of success. Criticism unless constructive makes no sense & hence we have hereby noted some of the ways to deal with such people , in case you come across any in your Startup Journey.

1) Show them that You can Win : Entrepreneurs are Visionaries of  course. Such visionaries often come across unfair & rude criticism . The key is to block it out while continuing to create a positive impact around you.  After going through such adversities , they do only one thing. 

Prove such critics by your rewards. Performance speaks indeed. Nothing discourages Haters more than seeing you succeed as an Entrepreneur. 

2) Use The Critics as Your Fuel : Embrace the Haters. Use them as your Fuel . To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing Don't give them power to Hate you, instead wish peace for them & keep doing your thing you are supposed to do for your Startup . This is what an Entrepreneur stands for. Their Business First. People are always entitled to different opinions. What we choose is our choice. 

3) Bullies are to be Ignored Completely : As an Entrepreneur , you may come across 3 types of people, one is who love you the most, second are the Haters & third , the lost causes.  Your True well wishers are the ones who love to see you succeed and always shall stand besides you. Your loyal fans deserve all your attention and service. They’ll always have your back and love you unconditionally if you service them with incredible value. 

 Next are the Haters & Lost Causes. They are mean't to be ignored completely as they Hate you for whatever you stand for  .Also Lost causes are type of people who care a damn about you / your startup . Investing a second on such people isn't worth at all. 

Haters  when ignored do things like - they shout from the rooftops until their lungs give out. Once they notice no one is listening, they move on. Storms pass and all seasons bring new weather. Ignore hate as best as you can. Always responding to hate only increases the problem and its attention.

4) Pay Haters No Attention :  Remember, there has never been a successful Entrepreneur who wasn’t criticized or hated. Hence paying attention to them is literally a Cost for your Startup Business. An Irrecoverable indeed.
Here are some ways how to skip attention from Haters you may come across: 

Entrepreneurs don’t get emotional. Stay rational when you are getting “pinged” by the haters and critics. Say, “Thanks for that, I will take it into consideration.” Then, throw it away. Getting emotional messes with your productivity.

Entrepreneurs don’t fear the hater, but are afraid of those who listen to the Haters. People on your team who are weak enough to buy into the hate are more dangerous to you than the haters themselves. Get rid of the weak people who pass on critics’ garbage.

We must accept the fact that Haters are quitters & Spectators  The people who say you can’t do something have already quit trying.  Players don’t take feedback or criticism from spectators; those people rarely have success in their own lives because they’re too busy “speculating” on the lives of the successful. 

As already discussed above - Never Waste a hater. Haters should not be wished away but used as fuel to take you to the next level. So many people have talked about how they used haters to inspire their success.

We close this by saying that what people say can’t be changed or controlled, so  don’t let it consume your focus & your work . Not everyone will love what you do, but you must love what you are  doing. Negativity must not ruin that. 

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