Learn to 'Flip The Script'- Strictly For Startup Entrepreneurs.

26 Mar

We have often seen that anxiety, stress and traumatic disorders  are common problems faced by Startup entrepreneurs . Some reasons may be personal & some may be due to work pressure of going out of business or not performing well initially . Such signs can have a major impact on your health too Isolation from the society is also seen in most Startup Entrepreneurs . It's not that they do not engage with people , but even while engaging with people such as vendors / clients etc, their mind revolves around some sort of stress consistently. 

To put this as an opportunity , as every Entrepreneur does , we believe that this is an opportunity to come out more stronger than before and work on your brain i.e : to build  your mental muscle Take every challenge that comes in your way as a drug to build on your strengths instead of running away from it .  See to it that your entire energy is devoted to reach your Startup goal with full potential.  For this certain Mantras have to be followed by Startup Entrepreneurs. 

Startup Entrepreneurs must take Calculated Risk .  Risks are indeed to be taken , but only after analyzing what is the Risk-Benefit Ratio. Try to sharpen your Decision making Skills. 

Secondly, Startup Entrepreneurs must keep a check on their feelings & emotions. Being Practical & working logical helps Entrepreneurs to maintain a balance between their emotions. Your Performance depends on what excites you & what doesn't . 

Another area which is not external but within Startup Entrepreneurs is that they must practice Self-discipline. Keeping their Goals in mind , Startup Entrepreneurs must practice the skill of being Self-discipline. They must only focus on things that matter to their Startup & are productive enough to invest their time & energy.

Stress they say, are of various types. Dealing with Stress is what makes an Entrepreneur successful. How you deal with Stress, brings out your true character . What most Entrepreneurs lack is Self-Care . If proper self-care is skipped, results may not be favorable. There are many healthy ways to deal with stress. You can take a small sabbatical, have a small trip nearby with your friends n family members, read a book , go out for tracking & develop such other hobbies to manage your stress levels. 

Startup Entrepreneurs must learn to Face their Fears. Convert your Fears into Opportunities . Being a victim of anxiety is okay, but see to it that this doesn't hold you back from reaching your goals. See that your steps  are well outside your comfort zone. 

Startup Entrepreneurs must learn 'Flip The Script' . Stop the blame game & accept that you have made blunders and mistakes. Don't stop here. Acknowledge them , learn from them & bounce back from your mistakes. See to it that you don't repeat those again next time. 

Stay away from people who drain out your energy or bully you for your failures. Get around with people who are well matured enough to accept you as you are & not judgmental about you.  

Know that there is NO Competition outside. The only Entrepreneur you compete with is You yourself. Stop comparing your Startup with others.This acts as a lethal distraction and delays your goal reaching process. Strive to be better today than you were yesterday. 

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