Startup Entrepreneurs - Check out some ways to overcome Fatigue Levels !!!

09 May

Startup Entrepreneurs are one of the species who are having highest levels of motivation with a strong drive to succeed and do their best for their Startup Business. But the cost of this sometimes may be a stress level beyond human capabilities to withstand. If thought in practical sense, your Startup doesn't need you round the clock. Your Startup survival in no ways depend on how much hours you put in. It's where you put in those hours matters. 

Its a myth for Entrepreneurs that if they don't work for longer hours , they are not doing justice to their Startup for growing  their business. Not to scare you all, but studies have seen that it may even lead to some diseases like high stress levels, blood pressure, depression or even a cardiac failure in few cases. 

Hence we have jotted some ways through which you can avoid a major burnout : 

Work - But "Not In your Business" But "On" The Startup Business: 

Agree that every Startup entrepreneur  gets their hands dirty, it's inevitable . But what do they do is they work in their business & not on it.  Don't just work in your Business, Work on it, which means look your business by taking a step back . Have a Drone view , you can get a better picture of which area(s) of your Startup need more attention & focus , rather than having an unorganized sketch of your Startup structure. 

Plan Your Day - Organize It - Set Priorities :

Before you start off to your office / place of work, its always better to plan the Day's Agenda, in advance. It helps us to get organized than by just having random meetings / ad-hoc work schedules. This helps to avoid over working also. You can also track the progress of your work by having set a structure of your 'To-Do' list in advance. Set your priorities & filter out the activities which yield nothing but stress / exhaustion at the end of the day. 

Delegate Responsibilities : 

Just because you can do everything doesn't mean you should .As Entrepreneurs , we always have this mindset that if we wanna do something right, we believe in Do-It-Yourself ways. But by delegating responsibilities , we can actually reduce our burnout levels to a minimum. In fact , delegating can empower employees to perform well & enables them to gain control and autonomy in their positions. 

Set Time-Bound Goals : 

Working for others as an employee , you are given a  specific task and projects to work on. Your job is predefined clearly .But when its your own startup business , the onus of getting every task done falls. This can create a stress if specific, time-bound milestones are not set. The best way is to pre-define & measure each milestone's impact on the growth of your business. Prioritize those tasks & set a deadline for each of them. Deadlines prevent you from being a workaholic by creating boundaries to each task, with time as a parameter. 

Have Strategic Sabbaticals :  
Every Entrepreneur is like a Cellphone, yup, they need to recharge their batteries too. This can be done by taking week-long breaks away from work, cutting communication off from your team, family and friends, even civilization. By tuning out and disconnecting completely, you can recharge your creative fires within you & get back to work with full force. 

Outsourcing is the key to avoid fatigue : 

If you cannot hire people, outsource , rather than performing every task on your own. It is also a cost-effective manner to handle tasks, which otherwise would be costly by hiring an employee. Also its not necessary that you may be skilled in every area of your work. Expertise on board can be sorted by outsourcing certain work to those who master it. 

Enjoy the Journey & Meditate often :

Investing 20-30 minutes in a day to activities which you like , such as going for a run, meditating, writing short stories or volunteering at an NGO are ways to come back to your work focused and ready to go. What is important to understand here is that enjoying this journey [ even in times of trouble ] shall unlock the creative creature within you & hence keep you more focus on work that matters most to your Startup.

There are other ways too to let you free from the stress & fatigue levels. Finding a right balance between work & life is a key avoid burnouts faced by Startup Entrepreneurs. If you come across any other ways, you may feel free to comment below & let everyone know the way out . Thanks for reading this blog . Please share the blog to Startup Entrepreneur you come across or know. Your feedback is essential to everyone. 

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