Startup Strategy to Hire Team Players

21 Jun

Startup Strategy to Hire Team Players : 

  • Look for a stability in work experience rather than hiring job jumpers ; 
  • Ensure that personal success is not the priority of the potential team player;
  • Check references from past employers ;
  • Make sure the person has the quality to show  new ropes to new recruits ; 
  • Your existing team players must have a good idea of the kind of employees your Startup needs; 
  • Ask candidates about how they feel about sinking or swimming based upon team success, evaluate their preference;
  • Hire Enthusiastic people who make great coworkers;
  • Look for positive backgrounds favoring candidates who have done well in organizations they belonged to as well as in areas such as sports, clubs and at corporate team settings; 
  • Hire Cheerful , smiling , courteous , optimistic people ; 
  • Look out for Volunteers for new and more challenging assignments . 
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