Ways to Get Ideas within Your Startup Team.

07 Jun

Ways to Get Ideas within Your Startup Team :

  • Share your Startup Vision with your Startup Team;

  • Be open to ideas and convey / communicate this to your Startup Team that you are open for ideas;

  • Have a Startup Team suggestion system; 

  • Ensure a simple submission of ideas process for the Startup Team ;

  • Have swift action on Valuable ideas submitted;

  • Thank Your Startup Team member who took the effort or may have taken a risk to suggest an improvement , if possible express gratitude in advance even before you work on the idea put forward by the startup team member ; 

  • Reward the ideas and the men behind them;

  • In case ideas are to be rejected, do it gently as not to embarrass or condemn those who submitted them;

  • Ensure your Startup Team is closer to your client ,as those in direct contact of clients often tend to come up with good ideas;

  • Delegate more and new responsibilities to team members who show the inclination to make suggestions, the more meaningful work that people do, the more significant their ideas would be; 

  • Give Your Startup Team a good confident and secure leadership by providing an ongoing and positive coaching/ training.

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