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As Steve Jobs said, do what you love and then don’t have anything to regret. An entrepreneur must be actively engaged in taking risk on his own.

1. You are able to shape your own destiny and grab every opportunity that comes your way.

2. Instead of dwelling over irritating employees, this is the profession where you as an entrepreneur get to choose your own colleagues and the team you want to work with. Teaming up with people of your choice is the key to success.

3. You gain that lifelong experience wherever you go in life. You have got many crazy stories as a lesson.

4. You have to do everything by yourself, at least before you can manage a killer team. But this is the time which is most crucial in your life in terms of learning and you as an entrepreneur are proud to embrace this.

5. The difference between a lion in the cage and a lion in the wild is that the caged one has more securities and is more bored and depressed while the wild lion doesn’t know if he will be able to feed his family yet is lively and beautiful. Same goes with entrepreneurs. You take risks on your own and are liable for your actions.

6. Family is an important element for motivation. You have your own schedule and can spare time for your family.

7. Instead of constant nagging about what has to be done and how it must be done, an entrepreneur gets the chance to decide his own ultimate goal and the method to do it.

8. You are the creator as well as organizer of your business. You are making the most of your talent into directing your desired goal.

9. Necessity is the mother of invention. An entrepreneur gets to make use of ideas out of trash. You are innovative in nature.

10. Entrepreneurs tend to shift their focus on creating rather than consuming.

11. A belief in Intuitions can make history. An entrepreneur believes in himself.

12. It feels good when you look back into the past and observe the drastic growth in your working.

13. No matter how more you are working more than before, you don’t seem to relax and are always on the go to make something creative and big out of it.

14. It’s always safe to start a business because of less indulgence of technology that can replace human at work.

15. There is no problem such as promotion, salary and rewards which we get in big MNCs. An entrepreneur himself enjoys the benefits that he gets from the profit he makes himself.

16. Entrepreneurs don’t get to blame others even if the situation is not their fault. This increases his power as a human being. Playing a blame game always weakens the soul.

17. Once the plan is set, you get to meet and interact with professionals who have never settled in their lives. Learning opportunity is just immense!

18. When an employee comes crying to you, you close the door or take him or her out of the building. You sit with him until he stops. Listens to what he has to say. You know that if someone is crying then there’s been a major communication breakdown somewhere in the company. You listen to what it is and fix it instead of simply getting angry.

19. Entrepreneurs build their own legacy for generations to look up to. Certainly, the independent businesses have more interesting stories to tell.

20. you, as the owner has the ultimate sense of autonomy and get to enjoy your freedom.

21. Job satisfaction is the major key point. Without security of job, one cannot survive in the organization for too long. An entrepreneur is the job-giver.

22. A true entrepreneur is the one whose actions affect people’s thought. Meeting up customers demand is the greatest necessity.

23. The owner starts to make profits and increase capability, resilience and robustness at every cost that comes in the way.

24. You tend to become stronger because you don’t have time to sit back. You very well know that it’s a big world and anyone can take the slack.

25. Entrepreneurs see opportunity in everything. The trick is to mould an idea into a working task.

26. The keepers are the risk-takers. There is no gain if no risk is involved. The nature of business is uncertain and thus aberrant profit is not pre-determined.

27. If you are an entrepreneur, it is quite obvious that you want to earn money. In fact, a handsome amount. But for an entrepreneur, passion and the spirit to transform several lives is even greater!

28. You are an entrepreneur and you are not scared of trying. For you, failing is better than not trying. You think that you will at least not have regrets of not giving it a shot.

29. An entrepreneur celebrates every success. You know your employees need it.

30. For you, life starts at the end of comfort zone. We just can’t imagine the world without Apple if Steve Jobs wasn’t there. If Larry page and Sergey Brin didn’t start out “google”, we wouldn’t be able to search the vast knowledge across the world.

31. You go to the extreme to stand out from the crowd. That’s the specialty that can only be found within a lively and a passionate person.

32. The business lets an entrepreneur focus on essentials and gradually it becomes the habit of not giving damn to random stuff.

33. Productivity becomes necessity. You don’t get the luxury to work against yourself; instead you try to develop your inner self.

34. Money is the final product. It helps entrepreneurs to grab every profit which arises above and beyond and to become richer in their own desired way.

35. Once the business has started, it continues to grow by itself. The only duty of an entrepreneur is to make profitable decisions which benefit the organization.

36. It gives you a purpose in life. Even if the business is such a bore, the necessity of taking action will compel you to be compassionate and dedicated towards it.

37. Being an entrepreneur means you have already attained a lot of self-confidence and that’s an important criterion for building up an empire.

38. During the operation period, an entrepreneur may deal with diversified species of humans who have different opinions. You gain the experience of handling multi-linguistic crowd.

39. We meet certain people who take life-changing decisions on behalf of us. Entrepreneurs like you learn to take lead and their thoughts can affect the mindset of people.

40. After becoming the owner of the business, people realize that life is tougher than what they thought it to be. You thus take responsibilities with the right spirit.

41. As John Davison Rockefeller said, “there is no feeling in this world to be compared with self-reliance: do not sacrifice that to anything less”. Agreeing to that, being self-reliant becomes the attitude of entrepreneurs.

42. What makes business like Lee Cooper and Honda a success? The passion to make it large that lies behind it.

43. No one can duplicate a business if the owner has copyright of it. You are the master of your own creation.

44. An entrepreneur is not accountable to anyone. You are solely responsible for your own actions.

45. There is a scope of learning new things every day which boosts up the skills that can be applied in every aspect of your life.

46. Starting a company helps entrepreneurs to be more systematic in work and helps in attaining perfection of financing their own money.

47. When we meet new people or when we give orders, we tend to be more communicative and outgoing. So, starting up your own business helps you achieve that.

48. That adrenaline rush whenever some goal is achieved and that can’t be compared to any damn thing in the world. You as an entrepreneur is more lively and happier when your targets are met.

49. Parents have the habit of comparing their children. If you are an entrepreneur, you serve as a role model for generations to come in your family.

50. People will always look up to an experienced expert for advices. And who else gives best suggestions than the one who has taken everything on himself.

51. The top item in the to-do list of entrepreneurs is travelling. Travelling enhances the ability to think more and that is always beneficial for your business.

52. You never get bored because there is always something to do productive. Every single day comes up with newer challenges and opportunities.

53. There is no age barrier in starting a company. Some may start at 9 or at 50. Anyone with the capabilities and strength can come up with business.

54. You take stand for your beliefs. And you believe in what you do. What else can prove your confidence better!

55. The entrepreneurial mind is always at work. No idea is undervalued when you are the owner. This helps in efficient utilization of mind and time.

56. If hard work is applied, the result will be fruitful accordingly.

57. An entrepreneur is the sole advisor of resource planning and management. You yourself direct the methods of every process.

58. Owning a business channels the path of doing society welfare like charities, donations, supporting NGO and local schools etc.

59. Flexible work timings enable you to also keep track of your fitness and stamina.

60. While dedicating full focus on work, you also get the chance(sometimes) to spend time for your hobbies in spare time.

61. You are an entrepreneur and you are proud to pay your employees before you pay yourself.

62. Imagine doing the same task every day for 24*7, 365 days. Thankfully, you, as an entrepreneur doesn’t have to go through this all. You play variety of roles and wear different types of hats.

63. This is the biggest challenge a person might face. Leading a company to growth and prosperity is not an easy work. You might come across several obstacles which would provide you with an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

64. If ever the business seems to slow down, a good entrepreneur always pivots and makes adjustments to survive. And that’s one of the proudest moments in the life of an entrepreneur.

65. The place of operation can be anywhere. Many entrepreneurs work from home because they are location independent.

66. At regular jobs like clerk and bank officer, the boss imposes certain limits for the task and gives certain targets to accomplish whereas in entrepreneurship there are no boundaries for success. There is no growth ceiling in this profession.

67. It’s a great feeling when people appreciate the work done by you. You feel proud when someone mails or takes out time to inform you that your work has positively affected your customers.

68. Businesses make cuts and lay off employees daily. That can be extremely stressful. When you become an entrepreneur this fear doesn’t exist.

69. Bad days as an entrepreneur are better than bad days as working for someone else.

70. Even if you are an average student or you do not have a high-profile degree of Harvard, you can still become an entrepreneur with proper knowledge of practicality.

71. When your company receives media coverage and validation it is extremely satisfying. Recognition for the hard work you put in helps fuel your inner fire.

72. There are even no more boring meetings to attend. If the meeting seems to be one, then it’s the fault of the owner himself. And that’s You!

73. A business can often give an entrepreneur a good reason to do things they’ve been wanting to do forever. (Like going to China.)

74. Gone are the days when you would wait for end of the month for your monthly stipend. An entrepreneur is the provider for many. Your decisions directly or indirectly affect the livelihood of your employees.

75. An entrepreneur is the most focused human being on earth. You knew it and that’s why you thought of starting up.

76. You are responsible for procuring the initial investments from potential investors while making good impression on them.

77. With gradual processing of the business, you become an expert in problem solving because you have already taken a toll on your side.

78. Johnny Earle, the creator of brand Johnny Cupcakes, has set an example that even with difficulty in learning nothing can stop you from becoming successful.

79. You evaluate your previous performances like Sales, company morale, growth and customer feedback with the help of your employees.

80. Hard work and some amount of luck works best in the commencement and operation of business. You as an entrepreneur put in a little extra effort to make things happen.

81. If an idea is not criticized at first then it probably may not be the best one. You are an entrepreneur and you turn the dream on paper into reality.

82. The ultimate goal of an entrepreneur is to bridge the gap between the present condition and future goals. You do it with your head held high!

83. You may face progress and may fall harder but that only makes you more stronger as a person.

84. A successful entrepreneur not only works for personal growth, he also helps in increase in GDP and nation’s benefit.

85. There are several solutions to one problem and one needs to identify that in order to maintain satisfactory results.

86. You try to step into the shoes of another person and think according to your employees.

87. Most of us have had our dreams beaten out of us. Either by “realists” or just by hard experiences. Entrepreneurs are forced to push themselves forward to keep the boat from sinking. Over time, their capacity for envisioning great possibilities grows.

88. You don’t need tons of money for advertisement. You can create your own content marketing on Google which requires only $100.

89. You have to ask for the sale. You have to go after clients. You can’t sit back, waiting and praying that someone will find you and decide to give you money.

90. Bored of wearing the same dress code over and over again? No one stops the owners of the business from wearing certain types of clothes. Like I said, you get to enjoy total freedom.

91. Women are taking up business as a core profession in today’s world. They are no less than men. It takes a lot of courage and determination to build a dynasty in this patriarchal society of ours. If you are a woman entrepreneur, you have extra reasons to be proud.

92. An entrepreneur is not egoistic. You openly seeks advice. From customers. From employees. And from everyone else.

93. An entrepreneur stays healthy. You know if you get unhealthy, not only you but your entire team will be affected.

94. Someone is a successful entrepreneur if he/she is following his passion. What else can be better!

95. An entrepreneur is surrounded by higher quality people. You meet others who haven’t settled, who want to build something awesome. You meet others who are going through similar challenges.

96. An entrepreneur become anti-fragile and that’s one of the most important things to do in a world this chaotic and uncertain.

97. You, as an entrepreneur are forced to become a bigger person than you ever thought to be. Comfort zones? They don’t matter in business. Warren Buffett would be a timid man in social situations… in business negotiations? A killer. He overcame himself because of his entrepreneurial need to make his business succeed.

98. You pray for success. And that’s something you perfectly deserve. You pray for the success of your customers, your employees and everyone else while continuing to do great stuff.

99. An entrepreneur never gets bored. I challenge you to find one. You won’t be able to!

100. You are an entrepreneur and your attention is your universe. And you are now totally dedicated to your own creation.

Source : https://in.thehackerstreet.com/100-reasons-proud-entrepreneur/ 
Article by : Ankita Rathore

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